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1. New Sanchayat Scheme is for 11 complete months & installment can be paid till 10th month.
2. Customers can participate by paying minimum of Rs.1000/- and in the multiples of Rs. 500/- thereafter. Customers may pay as much amount as they feel like and as many times as they want.
3. For your convenience the installments can be deposited in any of our stores.
4. PAN Card, address proof & Cancelled cheque is mandatory. Nomination is compulsory and Nominee’s PAN card & Aadhar card Xerox is also mandatory.
5. Customers should preserve all the receipts.
6. Scheme Bonus Gift Voucher can be redeemed to buy all goods and services available in P. N. Gadgil and Sons Ltd’s stores. (One exception – It cannot be used to pay installment of any scheme.) Partial redemption of gift voucher is not allowed. 1 Bonus point will be treated as Rs.1/-. If the customer purchases ornament at the time of maturity itself, then he will be Entitled to avail discount of 10% on making charges. (Gold, Silver, Diamonds, NSI)
7. If customer does not buy anything within 334th to 364th day from the date of first contribution, on 365th day his amount will be refunded and transferred through Net banking to his bank account for which he has provided details ( refund will take effect within 7 days from 365th Day of first contribution) & the Bonus Point Gift Voucher will be sent on postal address provided by the customer.
8. Said scheme Bonus Points Gift voucher Will be valid for 10 months from issue.
9. Customers can pay in cash, by Debit/Credit card, by cheque or by post dated cheque. The cheque should be drawn in the name of P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd.
10. Amount may be deposited in cash up to Rs. 200,000/- per scheme. There after amount needs to be deposited through Card / cheque/ RTGS / NEFT only.
11. If the amount is deposited by cheque, it will be subject to realisation of cheque, In the case of dishonoring of cheque, Rs.150 will be deducted from gift points credited to customer against scheme.
12. Bonus points will be calculated as per example given below. In case of prematurity, No bonus points will be rewarded. Customer will be entitled only for their amount deposited.
13. 'P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd.' reserves all rights to make any type of changes or amendments in the scheme.
Date AmountBouns Point Month
1/1/20171,000 /- 501st Month
2/2/20171,000 /- 452nd Month
5/3/20171,000 /- 403rd Month
10/4/20171,000 /- 354th Month
31/5/20171,000 /- 305th Month
12/6/20171,000 /- 256th Month
20/6/20171,000 /- 256th Month
30/6/20171,000 /- 256th Month
5/7/20171,000 /- 207th Month
5/8/20171,000 /- 158th Month
5/9/20171,000 /- 109th Month
5/10/20171,000 /- 510th Month
Date AmountBouns Point Month
1/1/20171,000 /- 501st Month
25/1/20175,000 /- 2501st Month
31/3/20177,000 /- 2803rd Month
1/5/20172,000 /- 605th Month
11/5/20177,000 /- 2105th Month
31/5/201715,000 /- 4505th Month
5/9/201710,000 /- 1009th Month
31/10/20175,000 /- 2510th Month